Saturday, November 20, 2010

HCG Bathroom Mishaps

Last night I went to see Harry Potter 7.1. I'm on the last few days of p2 so that means I couldn't eat anything during the 8pm movie, and because it's 2 1/2 hours long, I didn't want to drink anything during the movie. So I ate my dinner on the way to the theater, and I made sure I'd already drank my water for the day.

The Hubs and I were the first in line (I have a thing about this, I hate being late and ending up in the back of the line because then I spend the whole time worrying we'll end up sitting in the front row). I was wearing my I See Thestrals shirt that Ame of Starting Life 25 Years Late made me for a midnight book release party. We were waiting for my brother and his daughter and youngest son, and two women from my book club. I decided it would be a good idea to visit the bathroom before the line got crazy.

And that's when it happened.

There I was in the stall, trying to pull down my pants, only they wouldn't come off! I was confused, I was irritated, and my light urge to pee was morphing into critical stages. And I couldn't get my pants off!

But then I realized what the problem was. I had recently bought a few pairs of jeans that actually fit me. I'm so used to being able to just pull down my pants right down without having to unbutton or unzip them. I can't wear jeans at work, so this was the first time I was wearing my new jeans.

I'm sure I freaked out some fellow bathroom companions with my giggles of delight. It's been so long since I've worn pants that fit! Back when I was a tight size 24, I wore loose size 26 because I can't stand wearing tight jeans. And as the weight has gone down I've continued to do that, wearing a size too big.

Recently I shipped off some of my larger sizes to friends, and now I just have a few size 22's to wear to work, but I'm constantly having to hike them up. With the holidays coming up I didn't want to have to do that, so I bought pants in size 20 and size 18 (although the size 18, which I wore last night, fit like 20's). And they aren't tight- my belly's not squeezed out like a muffin, well, no more than usual since I still have lots of belly fat to lose- they fit perfectly. The one size 20's are actually starting to get a little loose on me.

I'm looking forward to more bathroom mishaps, thanks to HCG!

So long, Hcgers, luck to all of you losing on p2, luck to all of you maintaining on p3, best wishes for those of you permanently in p4, and to all you loaders out there (especially my besties Ame and Courtney!) have fun loading and eat some yum yums for me!


helderheid said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!!!! Congrats!

helderheid said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!!!! Congrats!

Connie said...

That is a wonderful mishap!!

Ms A said...

What a cute story! One question though, how was the movie? I drink so much water on the protocol I don't think that I could make it 2 1/2 hours through without getting up. LOL

Kathleen said...


Ms. A- if you're a Harry Potter fan (and a movie fan) than you'll enjoy it. Of course even by splitting the movie in half they had to leave a lot out, but there were some really cool things. It's just sad that it's coming to an end! And I'll be in Onderland before the last movie comes out!

JSmith said...

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