Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Highs and Lows

Still a loooong way to go, but I'm getting there!

I'm currently on VLCD 16 of R2P2 and I'm down a total of 22.6 pounds, which is awesome! But for over a week now I've had hunger. At first I attributed it to TOM, but he's been gone for several days now and if anything my hunger has gotten worse. So I'm upping my dosage. I currently inject 150iu every morning, but I'm going up to 175iu. I've held out as long as I can, but I'm worried my hunger will lead to a cheat.

And I don't want to cheat! Not this close to finally being in 240's.

In other news- I've blogged and vlogged about how I wish I'd paid more attention to my weight over the years. I purposely wouldn't write it down in any of the food diaries (how's that for striving for success?) instead I would just write down how much I was up or down. I don't know why I was so afraid to let people know my weight, but I was. Well, today I found yet another old food and exercise diary. Flipping through it I assumed I hadn't even bothered to use it, but I found exactly one week of 2008 filled out. And I'd actually put down my weight!

The reason I'm shocked is because it's a higher number than I ever remember being. I thought at one point I had been in my 300's, but wasn't sure. Well according to my food diary I was a whooping 317!

When I started the HCG Protocol in June of this year I was 291, and gained 3 pounds loading. So in 2 years time, on my own, I only managed to lose 26 pounds. A large part of that I'm sure is that I switched careers and was no longer eating out constantly. And I've been known to occasionally exercise, very occasionally. With the help of the protocol and my awesome Hubs and friends (Ame this means you!) I've already lost 43 pounds. Since June!

Shocked and awed? I am.

Happy releases, happy maintaining and happy loading to all depending on you phase!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

30 Pounds Released!!

I started my HCG journey on June 6th of this year. My first round was a short one, only 23 days, but I lost a little over 23 pounds. I stabilized in P3 and only had to do a steak day once, and then I even lost a couple pounds in P4 despite my crazy 3 week beach vacation food eating habits. But today whilst plugging in my stats I realized that I've lost 30 pounds on HCG! If you can tell, I'm thrilled!

I still have over a 100 pounds to go, the journey is far from over. But I finally feel I'm getting somewhere! I've lost enough weight now that I can see and not just feel the results. I think by the time I'm done with this second round the physical results will be easy to see- at least I hope! Not that it matters, because I already feel like a brand new me!

I can't sing the praises of Hcg enough! I can't stop using exclamations! lol It's hard for me not to tell everyone in the world about this diet, but I'll wait until people start asking me how I'm losing (releasing!) the weight.

The thing to remember about the protocol is that even though it's hard at times the results are worth it as long as you stay true to Pounds & Inches. Yesterday was Day 3 of VLCD and I had some hunger but I avoided cheating and woke up this morning to a 2.6 loss! Do I think this diet is for everyone? No, it's not some miracle cure for fat loss. But I do think this protocol will have miraculous results for everyone that's ready to put in the work to release their fat!

Okay, I better end this blog before I end up sounding like a infomercial sell out. I have 300 some odd pages still left to read in The Passage for book club this evening. It's a great book, but very long! Happy releasing to all of you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Here We Go Again! Round 2, baby!

This is pretty much how my loading days went!

Despite the fact that I feel like hurling after my 2 day food fest, otherwise known as loading days, I'm excited to start my first VLCD of Round 2. Actually, I'm mostly excited that I don't have to force another morsel into my overstuffed body. I was stuffing in food until 1am this morning, and I have the acid reflux and overall bloated feeling to prove it.

I loaded well, I really did. I ate almost constantly and mostly stuck to fats (although I love me some carbs and starches so they had to come to the party too). I was a bit weirded out to have only gained .6 after the first day but I realize that it was probably because my body had stabilized so well. When I kept gorging the second day my body realized that it was time to pack on the pounds. Overall I'm up 4 pounds, which is good. I know, it's strange to be happy about a gain, but I'm hoping it means I feel better this round than last round.

So what did I eat? I ate pork rinds, cheese, macadamia nuts, ice cream- lots of ice cream, loaded potato skins, a slice of unbelievably good white chocolate cheese cake from TGIF, maple bacon, mini quiches- a lot of them, burger and hotdog and fries from Five Guys, and some cheese cracker thingys from Pepperidge Farms. I ate a lot. I gorged. I feel like crap, but some of it was actually fun to eat- some of it felt like a chore to chow down on. Other than the ice cream and cheesecake I stayed away from sugars, and I've kept my self imposed ban on soda. I still miss Coke from time to time, but it's more like the way I occasionally wonder what old friends are up to - you know, the ones I can't track down on Facebook.

For those of you not friends of mine on Facebook, my HCG account name is Kathleen Hcg. The reason I mention this is because I've mentioned that I've joined a Facebook Hcg Challenge. Truth is, I've joined two. BaldFatMan Hcgfixesthat started a group to get a bunch of people doing a round at the same time, and then there's the 25 Pound Rockstar Challenge hosted by three lovely hcg ladies. Mostly I'm doing the Rockstar challenge because most people doing that loaded this weekend. Normally weekends suck for me since I work so much on Saturdays, but I was still on vacation this weekend so other than a few hours last night, I didn't have to work at all. Now if you're close to starting a round, there's still time to join either or both groups- there are some people starting a week late in Rockstars and I know there's several Labor Day Weekend loaders out there as well.

The more support you have in your Hcg journey the better chance of your success. I know I am blessed to have a wonderfully supportive (and super sexy) husband to help me out. I have great friends like Ame, who is my Hcg hero, and now our friend Courtney to cheer me on. Ame has worn down Courtney's resistance and the two of them will be starting a round in November. I could not be happier! It'll be awesome when our Terrific Trio are all thin together! And now I get to start my Round 2 with lots of Facebook friends releasing along with me. And even those not currently doing P2 are cheering us along. I had such a good first round that I admit, round 2 has me a little nervous. 23 days seemed to go pretty quickly, 40 days (actually 46 with the skip days counted) might not fly by so fast. But I'm hoping to be in my 240's by the end of it! Okay, actually I'm secretly hoping to be 239 at the end, but let's keep that a secret.

If you're not already my friend on Facebook feel free to add me! If you're on the Hcg journey but don't have an Hcg facebook account then you need to start one! You don't have to have a separate account, but a lot of us prefer to keep our Hcg family separate from our non-Hcg family. It's all about finding support and people who are going through the process with us. I love my Hcg family. Now off to drink some black coffee- oh, milk, I will miss you most of all- and my morning dose of Hcg!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HCG and Vacation

Sorry, long time no post but not a whole lot going on HCG wise. I did my 3 weeks of P3 pretty successfully, only had to do one steak day when I went .2 over my 2 pound limit. It went much easier than I had planned and I've had no problems adding starches and sugars to my diet.

Well, correction, I've had almost no problems. Alcohol seems to lead to weight gain, but now that I'm in extended P3, or P4 if you want to call it that, I've actually been losing. Despite being on vacation! I'm in the middle of my 3 week beach vacation. I've been eating all sorts of my favorite foods- pizza, burgers and wonderful french fries! There have been some changes though- I'm careful with my calorie intake and I'm still drinking tons of water. I've kept up my ban on soda, because I refuse to waste calories on drinks.

Being at the beach has had some unforeseen advantages- I do a lot of walking because there's lots of places close by, and sometimes just for fun. Hanging out in the ocean all day, dodging waves and swimming have definitely helped with any of the carbs I've ingested the past week and a half.

I don't know if I'm "cured" of my food addictions- I still think of food, but nowhere near as much as I did pre-HCG. I really think upping my water intake has helped a lot. I realize now that I just wasn't getting enough water in P2. I was only drinking between 2-3 liters, 4 only on a really, really good day. But I'm a bigger girl, and I should be drinking half my body weight in ounces. So now I drink at least 4 liters a day, although I try to aim for 6. I really think this has made a huge impact on my appetite. My LDW was 271.4 and I've been in the high 260's for several days now. Seeing that scale in the 260's really perked me up!

I'll be starting my second round of HCG Aug 15th. I'm doing that BaldFatMan Challenge, mostly because I love the idea of really doing phase 2 with other people. The challenge will help keep me motivated and help keep me honest and cheat free. I only did a 23 day round last time, and I'm aiming for 40 days this time so I need all the encouragement and support I can get! I didn't cheat once last round, but the 23 days seemed to go by pretty quickly. Not so sure those 40 some days will fly by (especially since I'll be skipping a dose per week so it's more like 47 days *shiver*). But I can do this!



I also planning on doing more vlogging and blogging. And I'm gonna eat a lot more chicken! I ate a lot more beef then I had originally planned to eat last time, and I used cottage cheese as a crutch anytime I was too lazy to prepare. I am so ready to be below 250, and then below 200... that still seems like a dream, but I no longer think it's an unattainable goal. It's totally attainable! Next summer at the beach is going to rock!