Monday, November 8, 2010

Chocolate Delight and Oopsie!

Okay, so TOM's still here, and he was making my hunger and cravings act up. So the day before yesterday I made up some tasty chocolate delight. I have never had chocolate delight on p2, only just recently tried it (with macadamia nuts!) this past p3. I normally stick to p2 restrictions with an almost religious fervor. However, I thought it better to "cheat" with something that was less likely to cause weight gain than, say, the white chocolate vanilla bean cheesecake dessert from TGIF's.

And it's been fine! Still losing, no gain, no stall. Which actually surprises me since I don't stop my injections on TOM (no point really, since his visits are crazy and irregular when I'm on hcg). And I also tried out a recipe that I saw on Mumzeeee's youtube vlog. It's a recipe for a p2 friendly chocolate souffle, although it's not for the hcg purists out there. I don't blame you, I think it's super important to stick to protocol, especially the very first round. However, if it keeps me from driving my car through the front of Dunkin' Donuts and shoveling Boston Cremes and glazed goodies into my mouth like some nutty version of Hungry, Hungry, Hippo, then bring on the hcg creativity!

I think the most important thing to do is to go with what works for you. If you're not losing like you should, than maybe experimenting with the diet isn't the right choice for you. Just because it works for one person does not mean it'll work for you, and keep in mind it may cause a set back. I've been fortunate this round, I've added oranges (which I adore!) and a bit of chocolate delight without any negative results. But I'm keeping an eye on things in case it causes a stall (or worse, a gain! The horrors!).

I'm already on day 8 of my short round, so I'm almost to the halfway point!! I'm happy to lose the weight, more than happy, but I'm also ready for Thanksgiving goodness. I'm not going to go crazy with the eating, for me Thanksgiving isn't about over-eating, I rarely eat much in front of family. I'm not going to be super strict with starches and sugars though, I'll just keep my portions small and if it leads to a steak day, than so be it! Mash potatoes and yummy pie will be worth it. I'm also planning on exercising that morning, and I'll skip the noshing of food and drink when we go to the movies later that day.

I do plan on making some yummy Oopsie bread for turkey and ham leftovers. Oopsie bread has been my p3 savior, as I really miss eating sandwiches and burgers during the no starch zone that is p3. And Oopsie bread tastes good! I actually really miss it right now. :( I'll see ya soon, Oospie bread!

Anyone have a favorite p3 trick?


Connie W said...

I wish I had had a p# trick.

And I hated going to the movies and not eating popcorn.

Kate said...

I take nuts if I know I'm going to want to snack at the movies!

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