Thursday, January 6, 2011


So far 2011 is off to a great start! Despite the weight gain of this last round, the unwanted fat is dropping right off and I expect to be back in my 230's in just a day or two. I plan on continuing this round for 30 days, or however long it takes me to get in my low 220's so that I can reach Onderland by May. I feel really good this round, although I have a little fatigue. That could be my crazy work schedule though!

Well, it will be when I get there!

My focus this round will be on rocking p3. I've let the last two rounds get a little lax on the whole no starch, no sugar rule. I plan on looking into some Atkins style recipes, and really paying attention to my calorie intake. Plus, no more skipping the daily weigh in! It makes it too hard to keep on track if I'm not staying on top of my weight gain. And I promise to do a steak day at the first sign of going over... no matter my work schedule. I'll find a way to make it work. No excuses in 2011!

And that's it for now. Off to get ready for the grocery store- need some grissini for a few recipes and I might even try scallops this round... although I might wait until I'm comfortably in my 230's before I start messing about!


Lis said...

Great losses so far! And good goals... you can do it!!

SmallerMEHCG said...

Awesome! good for you, you have a PLAN! I know we can both be in ONEDERLAND by this summer!!!