Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Loading!

Like a truly good horror movie serial killer, I'm baaaack!

So what's been happening? Not much. I was busy this last p3 and p4- I finished my 6 weeks of CNA school, and now I have the state boards to look forward to (or not!). And if there is ever a good reason to loose weight, it was seeing the sadness of the nursing homes, and how difficult it is to give care to a severely overweight patient. I don't want to be the resident that has to have two people roll her over to wipe her bottom, or who needs a hoyer lift to get out of bed and into a wheelchair every few days. And I for sure don't want to be covered in painful bed sores!

So, did I do good in p3 and p4? Eh, not really. Round 2 was great for weight loss, but I struggled with hunger, so I might have gone a bit overboard in p3. I introduced foods way too fast back into my diet (why, hello starches!), and between school and work I wasn't getting much exercise. I realize now that the reason I could eat like I did at the beach was because I was getting so much exercise. Sitting on my butt studying was not as conducive to calorie burning as swimming in the ocean. Go figure. :)

It took me longer to stabilize in p3, but I finally did. However, it wasn't within my 2 pound range. I ended round 2 at 247.6 but I stabilized around 255. Today I weighed in at 253.4, so I've managed to stay within 2 pounds of the 255, but I hate that the first 10 pounds or so that I lose on round 3 will be weight I had already said buh-bye too.

But I am not letting that get me down! I am not going to punish myself for messing up, I was busy and eating on protocol all the time wasn't always doable. And I'll admit, there was some emotional eating going on. That is behind me now. Today is a new day, a new round, and a new attitude! I'm so much happier now then before I started HCG, but I know my happiness and health can only get better!

I'm planning on doing a short round, and loading today and tomorrow. But since I have a busy day tomorrow I might extend my loading to 3 days. We'll see. I just want to make sure I feel completely ready. Not going to worry about it. I do plan on having a great weekend with all my Halloween plans, and the Hubs is in full support of my crazy agenda. I'm making him dress up as a zombie, and then go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Plus today we're gonna run around and go to the Hollywood Cemetery and Edgar Allan Poe Museum. Isn't he the best?!

Before I leave you to stuff my face, I want to bring to your attention the recent brouhaha over at Marie Claire. They published an opinion piece by blogger Maura Kelly that basically bashed fat people, and how the thought of fat people making out, or doing anything, sickens her. Ms. Kelly is a former anorexic and I think her article shows a lot self loathing. But in this day and age when you have gay and bullied kids taking their own lives at alarming rates, is this really a good time to publish an opinion piece on how fat people are disgusting and shouldn't be seen on tv?

Ms. Kelly was responding to the new show Mike and Molly, about a couple who meet in Overeaters Anonymous- a show she's never even seen but that she accuses of promoting obesity. Now, I've never seen this show either, and I believe Maura Kelly has the right to her opinion, ignorant as it is. It's sadly a few held by others as well, but most people are a little more tactful to keep those thoughts to themselves. I just find it sad that someone who battled her own eating disorders is so quick to condemn others with food issues. Marie Claire won't lose me as a reader, because I don't read it now, and I'm not calling for a Marie Claire ban. I just want people to really think before they put something out there in the blogosphere. Words do hurt, they do cause unseen damage. I just hope that today's teens, already faced with unrealistic and dangerous body image expectations, don't read Maura Kelly's words.

Okay, I'm off my soap box. Happy loading, happy weight loss, happy maintaining to all! And Happy Halloween!